December 4, 2020


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Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. Gen 2:24


Welcome to Heart2Heart devotional. Today’s teaching is a continuation of where we stopped in this series of 12 BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES OF FINDING A GODLY MATE. Please read Genesis 24:9–11 now before you continue to get a better understanding of this point.

The next principle one must apply in seeking a godly mate is putting oneself in a position to find him or her. In order to find a mate for Isaac, the chief servant took valuables to prove his master’s ability to provide, traveled to Abraham’s hometown, and went to a location with eligible women. He put himself in a position to find Isaac’s spouse.

Similarly, it is not unspiritual to be active. God did not send a godly mate to Isaac’s door. Isaac was not called to just wait and pray; he had to be active. The most important thing in putting yourself in a position to find a mate is being intimate with God and knowing his will.

For one person, God’s will may be to just wait and pray patiently. We have no evidence that Rebekah was seeking a husband. She was just being faithful where God placed her. However, for Isaac, the chief servant went to a place where he was more likely to find a godly woman. Single believers seeking mates must do the same. Let me show you 2 ways to a person put him or herself in a position to find a godly mate.

1. A person must be financially prepared. In Genesis 2:24, it says that the man must leave his father and mother and cling to his wife. One of the implications of this is that a couple should be financially independent. In Genesis 24:9–11, the chief servant brought wealth so the family could see that Isaac could provide. Isaac was financially prepared to marry and so must you.

2. A person must wisely go to a place where he or she might find a potential godly mate. There is a time for waiting. Many of God’s promises come by waiting as he prepares us—as well as those who will also take part in the promise. However, there is a time to be active, and you must discern that.

Being active could mean praying, getting godly counsel, and discerning where to look. It also could mean asking someone out to lunch. You probably won’t find a godly mate at the bars or clubs.

But, there is a good chance God might provide one at church, small group, or through some ministry. If the wells have dried up at the church or ministry you attend, then maybe God is calling you to be creative.

Being creative could include asking spiritually-minded people you know and respect to pray and consider suggesting a potential mate, or even joining a Christian dating site. Again, it must be heard that it is not disobedient to be active.

Many times, it is disobedient or presumptuous to not be active. You should pray and discern what God wants you to do. For Rebekah, she waited and faithfully served God and others. For Isaac, his servant went to an area with eligible ladies. How is God calling you to prepare for and seek a godly mate or to help others do so? Discern it and do it. God bless you.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I am blessed on every side. Amen

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PRAYER OF THE DAYThank God for today’s word. Ask the father to guide you in making the right choice of who to marry in Jesus name.

I Remain Your constant Friend,
Dr Andy Kwakpovwe
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  • I am blessed on every side. Amen

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