October 28, 2020


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Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD. Pro 18:22

Welcome to Heart2Heart devotional for singles. If you are married, go to the couple’s devotional for today. In today’s devotion, God want me to share with you reasons why you may still be single and what you can do about it. There are several reasons why people don’t get married early. Here are some of the reasons:

PERSONAL DECISION: For some people, it’s a matter of personal choice and for reasons best known to them. So have you made a personal decision not to get married? If your answer is no, then relax! You will soon be married; it’s a matter of time.

PAST HURT: Past disappointment and hurt after years of courtship has made some singles to suspend relationship issues with the tag “all guys/girls are the same”. The reasons for breakage can be from wrong choice, partner’s unfaithfulness, and several other reasons. Shake off the dust of past hurts, put yourself together, learn from past mistakes and stop dwelling on your hurt. Move on and trust God for the best.

AMBITIONS: some singles have set so many goals to achieve before they get married, like higher degrees, personal house, cars etc only to realize that time has gone. Are your goals keeping you from getting married? You may need to revisit your plans. You don’t have to achieve everything in life before you get married. The bible says He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord (Proverbs 18:22). Don’t rob yourself of that favor.

DIVINE TIMING: God might be working out something great and you just have to wait a little extra. If waiting is becoming difficult then ask God for the grace to wait. If all is done and you still have to wait, please wait patiently on God as He has the best for you. He makes all things beautiful in His time. Hold on. Don’t give up!

SATANIC REASONS: Anyone that grew up in Africa will understand that sometimes, some wicked forces do prevent some people from getting married due to curses and evil spells. If the devil can prevent people from succeeding in other facets of life, why do you think it’s impossible for the devil to afflict people maritally especially if he knows that you are going to have a successful home and godly children. So it is proper to pray against any satanic forces that may be militating against your marital life.

MISSING STAR: I have a friend who served an oracle for 22 years before he met Christ. His primary mission in those years was to search daily for people with bright stars and steal their stars. Stars cannot be destroyed but they can be stolen and their purpose diverted. Many singles are unmarried because their star was stolen through sex or other means. Their star was tampered with. If your star has been tampered with, you will notice a lot of struggle in every area of your life, especially settling down. Today, I speak freedom and release upon you. I recover all that was stolen from you now in Jesus name. To be continued. God bless you

 CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I am willing and obedient. Therefore, I will eat the good of the land

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PRAYER OF THE DAY: Thank God for today’s teaching. Ask God for grace to do all you have learnt today. Declare that your 2020 will not pass you by. Now command the earth, wind and the angels to link you up with that person you are suppose to get married to in Jesus name. Pray more as you are led right now.

I Remain Your Friend,
Dr Andy Kwakpovwe

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  • May God help us to understand that everything is in his hands and we have no power of our own.

    I Franciska am willing and obedient. Therefore, I will eat the good of the land amen.🙏

  • I am willing and obedient. Therefore, I will eat the good of the land

  • I am willing and obedient. Therefore, I will eat the good of the land

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