January 24, 2021


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Over our doors are all choice fruits, both new and old, which I have saved up for you, my beloved. Song of Solomon 7:13

Motherhood can be a tempting excuse for giving up sex and showing deep affections to your spouse. Caught up in her day-in-day-out responsibilities, a mother can experience a slow shift in loyalty from husband to children.

She thinks the needs of her children, since they are so helpless and formative, are more important than the needs of her husband. After all, he’s an adult.

Without question, the biggest deterrent to romance for moms is children. These sweet, precious, innocent little ones given to you by God are so self-centered, untrained, unending “need machines” who can suck the life out of your marriage.

They often leave you feeling like the mother who said, “It’s ironic. Romance gave us our children, and children ended our romance.” You think the kids really need more attention than he does? True.

And yet one reason why this reasoning is faulty—one reason why it’s easy for you to have little sympathy for your husband’s sexual needs—is that women are able to experience their femaleness simply by nurturing their children.

Women when caring for the kids feel a deep, innate sense of well-being and fulfillment; it is an indescribable privilege that brings then profound satisfaction. It’s what they were made to do.

But it’s only part of being a woman. God didn’t create you with the capacity and compulsion to nurture just for the sake of your children. He also meant for you to nurture life in your husband. Maintaining this balance is one of the biggest challenges of the parenting years; your children need to see Dad and Mom in love again.

Nurturing life in your husband may not be as automatic as it is with your children, but it is no less important. Ask God to help you balance the needs of both husband and children when you depend upon Him.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I like who I am becoming by faith in Jesus name

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 PRAYER OF THE DAY: Pray for God’s wisdom in balancing life’s demands in Jesus name.

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  • I like who I am becoming by faith in Jesus name

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