September 29, 2021


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Dear Partner

Thank you for your willingness to partner with Heart2Heart with Dr. Andy’s Ministries. The task before us is huge and your partnership is very timely. Take your time to go through the partnership details below so you can be properly informed.
UNDERSTANDING PARTNERSHIP: Partnership is an ancient Bible principle. Partnership is a covenant connection. It is a commitment to assist in this ministry to impact the lives of millions around the world with the message of God’s word. Every soul saved and every life touched through this ministry is credited to the heavenly accounts of EVERY Partner.
Partnership is not just an avenue to raise funds; it is a mutual exchange of faithfulness. As a Partner with this ministry, you have a right to put a demand on the grace and anointing of this ministry which has touched lives on every continent on the planet earth to produce for you. You have a right to leverage on this anointing to work for you in your relationship, marriage, business, career and every area of your life!
WHY PARTNER: When you become a Partner with this ministry, we come together as a team to bring succor to relationships and marriages. Nobody can accomplish God’s work alone. The Bible says, “Paul planted, Apollos watered, God gave the increase’. You can see the partnership between Paul, Apollos and God.
Your monthly partnership seed can sponsor 20 or more copies of the hard copy devotional per quarter as you are led. Your financial partnership is how God uses you to support the continual production of this daily devotional. As you do this, together, we share in the eternal reward of every man and woman impacted, every life touched, every marriage restored and every salvaged relationship. Apart from becoming a monthly partner, as God leads you, you may also support this work with your seed, tithe, first fruit, pledge or love offering.
Thanks for being part of this vision. If you are yet to fully become a monthly production partner with Heart2Heart, why not do so now and be a blessing to thousands of lives this anointed daily guide will touch. As you do, you will enjoy the grace and support of this ministry in all you do. You can also talk to someone you know to become a partner and they too can enjoy the grace and backing of this ministry. You cannot water and not be watered.

1. WE WILL PRAY FOR YOU EVERYDAY. We are committed to praying for you daily and covering you in prayers with God’s mercy, grace and peace. We shall pray daily for your relationships, health, prosperity and advancement in life; we are partners.
2. GRACE WILL BE MULTIPLIED FOR YOU. Heart2Heart ministries have strong angelic backing. Daily, we will put a demand on the grace on this assignment to work for you. The angelic forces will be at your disposal as we daily deploy their MINISTRY to work for you. You will be helped greatly. That’s what we call multiplied grace.
3. GOOD STEWARDSHIP: Your giving is put into producing more copies of the daily guide devotional per quarter. The cost is huge and your partnership can lighten this burden. Your partnership seed will guarantee an undeniable harvest.
4. WE WILL NEVER ASK FOR MONEY: It is a partnership, not fund raising. Partnership is a covenant understanding of supporting God’s work with your finances on your own volition and in return, God blesses you with harvest and fruitfulness on the works of your hands.
5. WE WILL NEVER PUT PRESSURE ON YOU: God loves a cheerful giver. Our partners purpose in their hearts what to give, either one-time or monthly and cheerful willingness is what commands the blessing. God bless you.

All seeds should be sown into the account below:
Heart2Heart Daily Guide Partners

God bless you as you partner with us. Amen