July 3, 2020


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Having your conversation HONEST among the Gentiles: that, whereas they speak against you as evildoers, they may by your good works, which they shall behold, glorify God in the day of visitation. 1Pe 2:12

In this series, I have shared with you five indicators of relationship health. Today, we are looking at the last relationship health indicator. Like I said before, the absence of these indicators spells doom for any relationship. As we study, trust God to help you implement these truths in your relationships.

HONESTY: Have you ever been in a relationship in which you can tell the other person isn’t being completely honest with you? There’s hardly anything else you can discover about your spouse, child, friend, or parent that hurts more than that they’re lying to you.

HEAR THIS: Dishonesty is poison in any relationship. That’s because lies never really go away. If you lie, you always know you lied—and that becomes a reality that does nothing but corrode everything it touches. As you hide the lie in your heart, it corrodes everything your heart touches—which means it corrodes everything in your life.

 If there was one quality I would wish defined every relationship in the world, it would be honesty. If two people are honest with each other, there’s no kind of woe they can’t survive.

Hard and difficult passages come to everybody, but it’s those who are honest with themselves and their loved one who always weather them best. Be honest in everything you do, and insist on honesty from anyone with whom you share a relationship. This cannot be compromised or worked around.

HEAR THIS: Honesty is to a relationship what mortar is to a brick house; without it, you simply can’t build anything. God bless you

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: God will shine his face on me and give me peace. Amen

DISCUSSION OF THE DAY: I will be holding a 2 day relationship hangout session for singles and married in the 25th and 26th of May by 10pm daily. Join Pst Chika and Myself to be part of this Facebook Live broadcast. The page name is Dr Andy Kwakpovwe.

PRAYER OF THE DAY: Thank God for His word this morning. Now ask God for grace to be an honest person. Ask him to help you. Tell him you are willing to be honest. Pray as you are led right now.

Dr Andy Kwakpovwe
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  • God will shine his face on me and give me peace. Amen

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