February 28, 2020


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I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

THE ADMIRATION TEST: Jude brought a girl to my office whom he introduced as his fiancée’. Their date continued for the next one year. After one year of what i thought was a successful date, Jude painfully confided in me. He said he wants to walk away from the fiancée’.

I asked him why and his reply was, ”She is someone I am not proud to be with it. She’s okay but something in me ashamed to present her to my friends. She doesn’t speak well and she’s shabby in her dressing.”

 HEAR ME: Men chase what they respect. Men pursue what they are proud of. Men attach themselves to what they admire.

Your role as a woman is to carry yourself in such a way as to earn the respect, pride and admiration of all men. Jude continued, I noticed am ashamed to introduce her to my friends. I love her but she’s not as cute as I thought. She does not possess the physical qualities i want in a woman.’

“Why then did you ask her out when you knew you would walk away from her”, I asked? Jude replied, ”I was carried away with her internal qualities that i never bothered about the physical”.

Let me tell you something brothers and sisters: Both content and container are important in a marriage choice. Content is about the internal qualities of a person and container speaks of the exterior package of a person.

Hold both in high esteem. It’s not enough to be beautiful on the outside and be spiritually ugly and neither is it okay to be physically fearful and dirty and be spiritually beautiful. Be clean, in and out.

Are you proud of your of mate? “Do you admire each other enough or you are merely tolerating each other? Do you look up to each other?” How proud are you of your mate? Are you ashamed to introduce your mate to your friends?

PEN THIS DOWN: A broken engagement is better than a broken marriage.

 True love is more than just a feeling. In true love, the two must admire each other. Do not go out with anyone you do not admire, respect or proud of.  If you do, you will regret your choice till you breathe your last.

Do not go out with anyone whom you think you are tolerating or managing. If you must manage me, then walk away now. God bless you.

 CONFESSION OF THE DAY: I let the peace of God rule in my heart and i refuse to worry about anything. Col 3:13

DISCUSSION OF THE DAY: Join me for “The 14 colours of Love” Facebook online conference that starts today by 8pm. Click HERE to join the group to be part of this conference.

PRAYER OF THE DAY: Ask God to reveal your true state of heart so you will know if you really admire your mate or not.

I Remain Your constant Friend,
Dr Andy Kwakpovwe
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  • I let the peace of God rule in my heart and i refuse to worry about anything. Col 3:13

  • I let the peace of God rule in my heart and i refuse to worry about anything. Col 3:13

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