December 4, 2020


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For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. Mat 6:14-15 

Welcome to Heart2Heart devotional. Thanks for following me all through the different test of love. I sure do hope this series has blessed you. Don’t forget to follow me on all my social media handle below. Now let’s continue from where we stopped and today, we are looking at the acceptance test.

THE ACCEPTANCE TEST: The acceptance test is about testing to see if you are willing to accept this person the way they are or you want to do everything in your power to change them.

When Robert asked Jane to marry him, she thought, “I think I love him, but I really don’t like some of his habits. I mean, the way he chews the chicken bones at the end of the meal, it nearly makes me sick!”

If Jane truly loves him, she will accept him just the way he is, along with his habit of chewing bones. True love does not seek to change another. It seeks rather to accept others as they are. If Jane keeps thinking, “Robert must change his bone -chewing habit after we are married, then she needs to learn what true love really is.

True love accepts others just as they are and if they seek to see new changes, they pray about it. I hope this point is clear. I have seen mates fighting to change each other. There will be so many things about your mate that will upset you. Stop trying to change your mate. You must accept each other and not try to change each other.

I am married and i have never tried to change my wife. It’s an action in futility. What can you possibly do in the life of a grown up man what his mother or father could not do since he or she was born?

Oh, you just met him two months and you want to do in him or her what his/her mother has not been able to do all these years? Wow! Get ready for shocker 101 after you finally marry him or her.

Let me teach you wisdom and never forget it. The best way to know what a person will be is what he or she has been. Study their past. To know the future, study history. And what happens if you are not in any relationship now?

Learn these truths and arm yourself because you are about to get into a great relationship. God told me you are about to be engaged in Jesus Name.

Finally, Never try to change your mate. Do not marry to convert because you are not the Holy Spirit. Accept your spouse the way he or she is. It’s best you quit this relationship than seek to change your mate. God bless you.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: God is working to perfect all that concerns me in Jesus name

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PRAYER OF THE DAY: Accept God for grace to accept not just your mate but people in general the way they are. God bless you.

I Remain Your constant Friend,
Dr Andy Kwakpovwe
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  • God is working to perfect all that concerns me in Jesus name

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