September 27, 2020


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“As she offered them to him, he grabbed her and said, “Come to bed with me! 2sam 13:11

 Before you begin today’s devotional, take your time to first read 2Samuel 13 1-15 now! The bible outlined the story of a young man, Amnon who could not eat nor sleep because of his all consuming passion and love for a young lady called Tamar. Am sure there were moments while he was wooing her he would often recite these words to Tamar,

“I will love you to the moon and back babe, I will do anything for you, I will take a bullet for you, and as long as I love, I will never cheat on you.”

After much scheming and planning, he finally had his way with Tamar but the moment he was done having his way, the bible penned that Amnon hated Tamar with a hatred far stronger than the love he had for her. In fact, he never wanted to set his eyes on her again.

How would you address such a controversial situation? One moment Amnon was in love and the next moment, he was out of love. One moment he wanted her so badly and after having his way with her, he never wants to set his eyes on her again.

If you are unclear about the difference between love, lust and infatuation, you may find yourself getting unintentionally connected to a member of the opposite sex who is not your spouse, naively concluding that you’ve now found “true love.”

Each of the following tests is designed to help you discern and distinguish between love, infatuation and lust. After you read each statement, ask yourself: Is my current relationship or my view of relationships more in alignment with love, lust or infatuation?

Here are ways to test if this thing is real or fake. We cannot exhaust the tests today. We shall use the next few days to exhaust them. At the end of this study, i will need you to call me and let me hear your comments. Now, let’s start with……..

THE GIVING TEST: The first question to ask yourself is, “Am i in this relationship to seek my own happiness or in to make my mate happy?” The content of Amnon’s love was selfishness. He used and dumped Tamar. Such men/women still exist. Beware of them.

PEN THIS DOWN: True love is more interested in giving and less interested in taking. True love wants to care rather than be cared for.

True love wants to share rather than keep for himself / herself. True love wants to give love to the other rather than be loved. You do not qualify to start an intimate marital relationship until you are ready to share your life with another person.

See my advice to you. Start practicing selflessness with the people around you today. Don’t wait till you marry or even in marriage, start. Giving is not a choice in marriage. It’s a must do affair.

For God so Love the world that He gave. True love must give and share. The giving test is the first test to show if it’s true love. If your mate only practices generosity with you and not with others, he is a dangerous person. If he is truly generous, it won’t be to you only, it will be general. To be continued. God bless you.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: The favour of God is upon me to distinguish me. My set time is here. Amen

 DISCUSSION OF THE DAY: I will hold a special online valentine conference for singles and married. It will hold on Facebook and I will be teaching on the 14 colours of true Love. Love has 14 colours. Know them and learn how to express them fully. Click HERE to join the Facebook group now.

PRAYER OF THE DAY: Ask God for a selfless heart. Repent for being selfish. Ask him for grace to start giving and living for others in Jesus name.

I Remain Your constant Friend,
Dr Andy Kwakpovwe
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  • The favour of God is upon me to distinguish me. My set time is here. Amen

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