December 4, 2020


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David built an altar there to the LORD and sacrificed burnt offerings and peace offerings. And the LORD answered his prayer for the land, and the plague on Israel was stopped. 2 Samuel 24:25


  1. An altar is a place (not necessarily physical) set apart for interaction with the spiritual. It is a place where the lives of men are powered. Psalm 91.
  2. An altar has the power to draw spiritual forces through a sacrifice. An Altar is a spiritual medium that establishes covenants between the natural world and the spiritual world.
  3. Most alters are crafted to contact the spiritual realm, to receive help. An altar requires sacrifice.
  4. An altar is a place of sacrifice towards a deity. Exodus 20:24.
  5. In the spirit realm, only a quality sacrifice can attract or move a spirit to action. The greater the quality of the sacrifice, the greater the power unleashed through that altar.
  6. An altar is a tool used in creating a gateway into the supernatural realms. It is a medium of creating doorways into the spiritual realms.
  7. An altar is a medium used in invoking spirits to assist one in a difficult matter here on earth. It was the altar raised by Abraham that provoked the ascending & descending of angel in Genesis 28:12-13. This was why Abraham was very powerful in his days & so are men of altars.
  8. When good Altars are raised, it causes good Angels to descend & ascend over a person. In the same way, when evil Altars are raised, it causes demons to descend & ascend over a person
  9. An altar is a place to call upon or invoke a supernatural being or deity- divine or demonic. (Gn. 26:25;33:20 •Num.25:1-6 1 Cor.10:20 •Luke 1:11)


  1. Your speed in life is determined by the the power of your altar. If you don’t raise your own altar, you’ll become a victim of another man’s altar.
  2. The power of your altar is defined by the supernatural being/deity behind your altar. • God or demons • 1 Kings 18:20-40. Elijah Vs. P of Baal • 1 Samuel 5:1-7. The fall of Dagon
  3. The power or strength of your altar is defined by your sacrifice. Some altars require blood or life • Exo. 29:37-38 • 2 kings 3:26-27 • James 2:21
  4. All the men of significance in the scriptures were men of altars. Noah – Gen.8:20; Abraham – Gen.12:7; Gen.12:8; • Isaac – Gen.26:25; • Jacob – Gen.33:20; Moses: Exo.17:15; Exo.24:4;
  5. You are as strong as your altar and you are as weak as your altar.
  6. The strength of an altar is determined by the kind of sacrifice on that altar.
  7. Altars are the secret behind patterns. To break patterns in families, deal with altars. To deal with the powers of altars, release a sacrifice.
  8. Behind every hardship & struggle amidst hard work is an evil altar at work. To stop the struggle, raise a godly altar
  9. A man without a speaking altar will always be at the mercy of a man who has a speaking altar
  10. Men who build and oil their altars by sacrifices never get deterred by, nor become victims of, the frictions of life
  11. Without Sacrifices, altar remains dormant and inactive. It is the sacrifices of our prayers, fasting, tithes and offerings that bring life to our altars.
  12. It is your offerings and sacrifices that activates your altar, open your heavens and causes the fire of God to fall from heaven. When you learn to genuinely raise altars, God will always show up to fight for you.


  • When your sacrifice cost you something, that’s when you raise a powerful altar. If it cost you nothing, your altar will be weak and powerless. There’s no access to the spiritual that costs nothing! This is why spiritual men like David said “I cannot appear before God empty-handed.”
  • Every time you offer genuine intense prayers, fasting and sacrifices of your tithe, money and resources unto God in the face of a glaring life crises, you raise an altar that will fight on your behalf. What triggers altars are sacrifices, service, tithes, offerings, praise, prayer.
  • In The New Testament, the cross of Christ is the greatest altar ever raised by God for us. All we do is service this altar with our continuous sacrifices of Prayer (Acts 6:4), Praise/worship, Thanksgiving. Ps. 116:17 and Giving/Charity Acts 10:31. What sacrifices are you laying upon your altar?
  • A person who sacrifices more quality prayers, fasting & has more quality giving on his altar will have more power than a believer who doesn’t. Today God is still moved and provoked by whoever offer more quality prayers, fasting and offering of their money unto him
  • There can never be a genuine commitment toward God without effective sacrifices. God told Cornelius your giving and prayers have come as a memorial before me (Acts 10:4). God visited Solomon the first night after he gave his sacrifice (2 Chronicles 7:5).
  • A sacrifice has remained a spiritual medium to touch the supernatural world. What you give to God can transform & change the atmosphere over your life. If you are yet to raise an altar for this month, do it for your own good during this 7 days of prayers and fasting. Chat me up on whatsapp to know how to release your sacrifices.

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Dr Andy Kwakpovwe

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