September 29, 2021


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“Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually sins against his own body.” I Corinthians 6:18

Welcome to Heart2Heart devotional. I don’t care how deeply in love you are, if you see these 5 signs, then you are in a bad relationship and it’s time to run because you may be blinded by love

THERE IS ABUSE: Love becomes dangerous when there is abuse in the relationship. Abuse is the endless habit of fight and makeup on a regular basis. This habit does make for great movies, but what works for a 90-minute Hollywood hit is a no-no in the real world.

It’s perfectly healthy to forgive, but it’s not OK to be foolish. If fighting in your relationship means hitting, pushing, shoving, name calling, yelling, manipulating, or anything rude that occurs on a consistent basis then its time to walk away.

In a bad relationships, bad things happen and will continue to happen if you let them. Don’t be stupid; be wise. Wisdom always does now what brings satisfaction later.

Being smart means after you leave the relationship you shouldn’t go back! When God gave the Israelites an exodus opportunity, they took it. You should too! If your relationship is even slightly abusive, consider this as your sign to exit the relationship NOW!

YOU ARE LIVING TOGETHER. Love has become dangerous when 2 unmarried persons have started living together like husband and wife. Some call it premarital sex; but God calls it S-I-N. It feels so right, and you have every excuse in the world to continue staying together.

However, what seems right in the heat of the moment is not worth its cost in the end. When you have sex with anyone other than your spouse, bad things happen.

It takes one time to lose your virginity, one time to contract an STD, one time to become addicted to sexual immorality, one time for your fiancé’s respect for you to dissipate forever

The Bible states that while sin is pleasurable for a season, the after effects of sin is horrible. If you’re living in sin, make a u-turn and repent now. Repent and stay pure until you’ve said your wedding vows. To be continued. God bless you.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: My Knees will never be far from the ground. I will pray without ceasing.

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PRAYER OF THE DAY: Lord, deliver me from making stupid relationship mistakes that can ruin my life in Jesus name. 

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  • My Knees will never be far from the ground. I will pray without ceasing.

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