September 26, 2020


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Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered. I Peter 3:7

 A lot of men are confused about what women really want in a man. Women are naturally drawn to some men, and likewise, women can’t help but drift away from some other men.

In yesterday’s devotional, we started a series on what women really want in men. We were able to look at five facts and today, we shall seal up the teaching by looking at a few more truths on “what women really want.” Ladies, forward today’s teaching to every man you know.

6. A MAN SHE CAN TRUST (Here are 9 Ways To Build Trust With Her)
1. Don’t cheat on her
2. Be where you said you would be
3. Be transparent
4. Don’t Lie to her
5. Let your word be your bond
6. Be dependable
7. Take your relationship with her serious
8. Don’t let her down (though a rare occasion may be excusable)
9. Be there for her and help her in her time of need.

7. A CHIVALROUS MAN (Here are 9 Ways To be A Chivalrous Man)

Chivalry is old school, but it’s still something all women love and adore in a man. All men know what it takes to be a chivalrous man, but surprisingly, most men believe that being chivalrous is actually a sign of being meek and trying too hard to please a man. But contrary to what most men think, being chivalrous is not a sign of weakness. By being chivalrous, it shows that you respect the woman. Here are 9 Ways To be A Chivalrous Man

1. Take her out at least once a week
2. Open the car door for her
3. Open the door for her if both of you are about passing through one
4. Pull out a seat for her to sit on when both of you wants to dine together
5. Be gentle with her
6. Handle her delicately
7. Tell her I Love you at least 3 times a day
8. When you order for food in a restaurant, be the one to carry what’s been bought and serve her. I do all this often.
9. Infact, be romantic

8. A MAN WHO CAN GROOM HIMSELF (Here are 10 Way To Look Groomed)
1. Be neat. Don’t smell
2. Shave well
3. Keep your nails well kept
4. Avoid body odour
5. Smell nice
6. Brush your mouth at least twice a day
7. Keep your hair nicely trimmed.
8. Be attractive
9. Hit the gym often, go for an evening jog, or whatever works for you to look physically fit.
10. Dress well and use a few manly cosmetics and rich colognes and perfumes. Look like a celebrity on the streets and women will trail you like you’re a real celebrity!

9 A MAN WHO IS AMBITIOUS (Here are 8 Ways To Be Ambitious)
1. Have something to live and die for
2. Have great plans
3. Dream big
4. Have a vision
5. Make up your mind to be an achiever
6. Think Big
7. A man who can envision his successful future, or a man who can tell magical stories while lazing on the hammock and watching the stars with his lover.
8. Women love a man with an active imagination. Imagination is such a great companion at the end of a bad day, or while spending a romantic moment together.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: My set and appointed time to be favored has come. I will no more be ignored. Amen. Psalm 102:13

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PRAYER OF THE DAY: Lord, help me understand the woman that you created and give me wisdom to dwell with them according to knowledge in Jesus name.

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  • My set and appointed time to be favored has come. I will no more be ignored. Amen. Psalm 102:13

  • My set and appointed time to be favored has come. I will no more be ignored. Amen.

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