December 4, 2020


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Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD. Pro 18:22

Welcome to the Heart2Heart singles devotional. If you are married, navigate to the couples page or group to read up the couple’s devotional for the day. Today’s teaching will conclude what we started yesterday, “WHY ARE YOU STILL SINGLE”?

LACK OF MONEY: This one is a serious issue for guys. Some guys are too broke to even take care of themselves not to talk of taking care of a family. The time they will get married may be prolonged in the bid to put the basic things in place. Is poverty the cause of your delayed marriage? To overcome this, become a committed giver. Start giving out of your little. Next, lean on God for help. Lastly, walk by faith.

PARENTAL CONSENT: some people have delayed marriage as a result of spending several years to get their parents’ approval, especially when the parental preference is in opposition to what they want. Try as much as possible to settle any dispute with your parents as soon as possible, you may need the interventions of your pastor and other people your parents respect.

DELUSION OF GRANDEUR: some people spend all their life waiting for a partner who is abroad, only to realize later that the relationship can’t work. Are you caught up in this game? Please wake up and look elsewhere!

TEMPERAMENTAL REASONS: some cannot handle relationships as a result of being too emotional or temperamental. If you are easily irritated by little things, can’t tolerate others, too jealous, too insecure, etc, then you must work on your attitude or no one will want to marry you. In marriage, you must be able to tolerate your spouse, the bible says love is kind, love is patient, and it’s not easily provoked! (Read 1st Corinthians 13).

Pen this down: If you can’t stand nonsense, then don’t get married because marriage is filled with nonsense.

Filled with nonsense does not mean marriage is filled with problems. It means despite the good things to be enjoyed in marriage, there will be many times of disagreements, many irritations, many misunderstandings, constantly adjusting to raising kids, your spouse doing things differently from the way you do your things while you were single…etc.

CHARACTER ISSUES: some people character is so bad that nobody prays to get married to them. Some spend their life in immoralities, clubbing and partying, womanizing, prostituting and other vices.

NOTE THIS: You can’t be a terrible partner and be praying for a right partner. Its my prayer that your prayer will never be answered till you repent and adjust your ugly character.

Be the right partner by first developing a relationship with Jesus and committing your life to him. Having a good relationship with God is the very first step in your marital journey. Surrender your life to Jesus.

CHOICE PROBLEMS: A particular lady kept saying no to a guy because she didn’t like the guys packaging. Unknown to her, this guy lives in the USA but disguise to look poor. He begged her for one full year but the lady kept saying no. Finally, the guy approached another lady in the same church and she said yes. Then the guy unveiled his true self. That was when she called me to beg this guy. She begged and begged but the guy refused. He ended up marrying the lady that said yes to him and today they are in the USA. Look again if you are presently turning down a guy with a great future who may not look like it now.

APPEARANCE AND PERSONAL HYGIENE: some people take things for granted and don’t really care about their appearance, and hygiene. Some singles are physically dirty and rough thereby repelling potential suitors. If a good content is badly packaged, it will be hard to get anyone interested. The fact that I often ask people not to depend on outward appearance does not mean appearance does not matter. My friend, ask yourself, how do I look? The way you dressed is the way you will be addressed. God bless you.

CONFESSION OF THE DAY: The sun shall not smite me by day nor the moon by night in Jesus name.

DISCUSSION OF THE DAY: If we have not talked or chatted at anytime, I will like to chat with you one on one. Why not give me a WhatsApp hi chat now via 08032063909. Am waiting.

PRAYER OF THE DAY: Thank God for today’s teaching. Ask God to prepare you for the spouse he has designed for you. Ask God for the grace to marry well in Jesus name. Bind anti-marriage forces and declare that you will succeed in marriage.

I Remain Your Friend,
Dr Andy Kwakpovwe

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